Did you know that 68% of all online sessions start on a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo? It comes as no surprise to hear that people are looking for businesses online, yet still, a shocking amount of small businesses still don’t have a website.

Whether it be your budget, skillset, or belief that you don’t need to create a website holding you back, the facts are the same. Without a website, you’ll have no reliable way of showing up on results pages. No matter your niche, the need for web design on the Gold Coast is undeniable. 

Not sure the cost is worth the reward for your brand? Follow along to discover the answer to your burning question, ‘Should I have a website for my business?’ and how to create a business website that will impress today. 

Build Your Brand Identity

One of the first and most impactful benefits of having a website for your business is the opportunity it allows for branding and identity. 

As a business, you’ll need a stable and solid brand to let customers know who you are, what you’re about, and hopefully, make yourself memorable. Unfortunately, this can be incredibly hard to create and sell without a website platform. 

While social media does contribute to your identity, your website is the one location online where customers can really get to know you (and only you). Without this, you may look more like a hobby-maker having a go at a business than a professional in the industry. 

Earn Valuable Credibility

These days, people use search engines like they used to use phone books. If consumers need your services, 90% of them will turn to Google to find you. In fact, even if they find you on social media, they’ll look to Google to confirm you are reliable and trustworthy. 

Having your website available on search engines is an essential step for building your brand reputation and coming off as a credible company. 

Even if you don’t have a lot to display at the start, a website makes you look legit in the eyes of your future customers. 

Increased Online Visibility

Think your social media accounts are enough to keep you relevant online? Think again. 

As we’ve already mentioned, search engines are the most popular spot for consumers to look for products and services. This clearly reflects the importance of being visible on this platform. In fact, your goal should not only be to be online, but to be ranking well! 

The higher your rank on Google, the more likely it is that customers will find you and get in touch.

Foundation for Digital Marketing Strategy

All of your digital marketing efforts should lead back to one central place. If you haven’t guessed it yet – it’s your website. 

From PPC advertisements to sharing on social media, the best way to track and measure your digital marketing success is to drive customers back to your site. Without this landing page, you’ll be significantly restricted as to how you can approach your marketing and what you can measure. 

Showcase Products and Services

Another great reason to have a website for your business is the chance to promote your products and services shamelessly. 

If you are already on other digital platforms such as social media, you’ve likely discovered that constantly promoting your products and services to followers is not very beneficial. This is because sites like Facebook and Instagram are built for entertainment, not promotion. 

Posting too many spammy uploads about your latest release or the services you offer can and will result in unfollows and poor engagement. Fortunately, your website is the perfect place to brag away without this negative result. 

Consumers who visit your website expect to learn about you. They want to know what you offer, your track record, and why they should choose you. This means you can fill your pages up with promotional content and repurpose your social media to entertain, engage, and drive consumers to your website. 

Collect Lead Information

When followers visit your social media pages, there’s little to no way to control the interaction. They decide when they enter, when they leave, and if they will come back. 

Your website, however, offers a key advantage that can help you lead customers through your sales funnel. That’s right, lead collection. 

When users navigate to your website and leave their email, you’ll be able to control the dialogue and increase your potential to turn that lead into a sale. What’s more, is that that information is now yours to sell to, email, and study to drive future marketing efforts. 

Valuable Insights and Customer Tracking

Finally, using your website as your marketing hub allows you to track customers and gather insights that can help you improve your online approach. 

From understanding your target audience on a deeper level to making adjustments to increase leads and conversions, the metrics offered by your website are simply unmatched. 

How to Create a Website 

Now that you know the answer to your question, ‘Should I have a website for my business?’, the next step is to launch your web design for Gold Coast businesses. Fortunately, the cost to have a website built is likely not as much as you think. And of course, with so many benefits, it’s more than worth the investment. We’ve put together some of the top website design concepts you should consider.

Your first step is to choose a web host and decide on your domain name. You’ll want to be sure you choose a host that offers all of the features you need for your unique business. If you are unsure, a web design service can be a great help here. 

From here, you’ll need to build your essential pages and set up your payment system if you plan to offer e-commerce sales. Be sure to include key SEO principles from the start to save yourself time down the road. This includes things like your website speed, keyword research, and URL structure. 

Finally, it’s time to hit publish and be ready to make adjustments. If you choose to work with a web designer, your website will likely perform much better out of the gate, however, having a team to help analyse and adjust your site will go a long way to ensuring long-term success. 

Web Design Gold Coast

From the undeniable benefits to the simple and easy setup with web design Gold Coast services, there’s no reason not to create a website! If you’re looking to grow your Gold Coast business in the year ahead, a website is your first and most important step towards success.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us today to discover how we can make your journey to create a website simple and pain-free with professional advice and affordable services!