Social Media Advertising & Management

Grow your brand awareness and reach your customer through social media.

We Manage Social Media

As leaders in social media, we set out clearly what you can expect from your Social Media Manager. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Preparing and curating content for your social media strategy 
  • The development and execution analytics and reportsto keep you informed. This is useful in tracking the success of each campaign and adjusting the overall strategy as required.  
  • Management of your social mediaincluding engaging as your brand with your customers. 
  • Seek opportunities to further grow your business.We do this by using industry leading tools to stay in tuned with the latest industry and business news relevant to your business. This is important as we can adjust your strategy to take advantage of market trends and insights to in turn capitilise on a more engaging following.  

Brand Design

Build the best brand design and strategy to grow.

E-Commerce Website Design

Design, implimentation, and management of e-commerce business.

Instagram & Facebook Marketing

Facebook and Instagram advertising of services and products.

Your Dedicated Content Manager

Enlisting our team of experienced content managers will ensure every bit of success for you and your business. We can provide you with the edge when it comes to content ideas, campaigns, and curation.

Understanding your previous social strategies is helpful as this information helps speed up the research aspect of your business, but it’s not a fundamental requirement. From here our team at Commet Digital Solutions will suggest goals that align to your business objectives. – These will form part of our reports we provide you to track overall performance. We will also include reporting on the overall reach (both organic and paid) for each campaign we run for you. From Facebook Advertising, Youtube Video Marketing, and even Instragram Advertising, we have you covered!


Professional Social Media Advertising

Our team offer all your professional social media management and advertising needs in the one place. We allocate each of our clients a dedicated content manager to procure the best content for your business. This includes understanding your business needs, understanding your customer, and creating a content strategy which is influenced by these fundamental requirements.  

Build your brand awareness and promote your business or products with social media! 

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