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What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is a digital marketing strategy for increasing your site’s visibility through relevant searches.  The higher up your site appears in a search, the more traffic and attention your site will receive.

Search Engine Optimisation is paramount to boosting traffic on your website because the first place consumers normally go to when looking for new products or services is a search engine.  Every business has competitors so ensuring your site appears as high as possible can be the advantage your business needs.

Search engines have web crawlers (also known as spiders, robots and bots) that collect all types of information about your website to automate the process of providing a relevant website page to a searcher.  The type of information given to those ‘crawlers’ can be positively manipulated to ensure your websites are ranking higher than your competitors.

SEO Methods

There are five main types of SEO methods we adopt to influence the type and amount of searches your site appears in including, but not limited to:

1.    White Hat SEO

This is the angelic, rule-abiding SEO type that follows the search engine guidelines.  It can take a little longer to see the results, however the results are sustainable and create genuine goodwill for your business.  An example of White Hat SEO is using keyword research to author useful and relevant content for your website viewers.

2.    On Page SEO

This is the optimisation of both the content and html source codes on your individual web pages.  Examples of One Page SEO include creating high quality content specifically intended for your users, onsite linking, adding metatags and html tags, writing descriptive file names, etc.

3.    Off Page SEO

This is the optimisation of everything outside of your site.  Examples of off page SEO include link building from trusted sites to generate traffic and leads, social media marketing, and genuine positive reviews on various forums.

4.    Technical SEO

The goal is for web crawlers (like those that Google use) to successfully interpret and index your website pages.  Examples of Technical SEO is to structure your data to make it easy for crawlers to sort and categorise, ensure your site is mobile friendly and much more.

5.    Google My Business

Your Google My Business Listing is an amazing marketing tool as it appears below paid advertising, but above organic listings – in the maps section. It stands out and is a big lead generator for many businesses. Our team work on optimising your Google My Business Listing within the areas you want to target to generate more enquiries, leads and website traffic.

We use proven methods strategically targeted to build on your business requirements. 

There are five main types of SEO methods we adopt to influence the type and amount of searches your site appears in

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With user experience at the forefront, we design and create websites to showcase the best of your business.

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