We started a tailored home builder seo campaign for this Melbourne based client 6 months. Below are some of the insights into this campaign along with the results achieved. 

home builder seo by Comet Digital

Client: Home Builder

Year: 2021

Timeframe: 6 months and continuing

Main Service: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Extra Service: Social Media Content

Business Location: Melbourne

The Campaign: Home Builder SEO

When we first started with this home builder client in September 2021, they only had 394 organic keywords ranking throughout pages 1 – 10 on google. As at September 2021 these 394 organic keywords only 13 were on page 1 – the most important page to be on if you want potential customers to see you, right? It was evident the lack of keywords ranking on page 1 were a huge contributing factor as to why our client wasn’t receiving many phone calls or enquiries.

Over the course of the last 6 months, Comet Digital set out to complete a full SEO strategy tailored towards getting our client results. Currently, March 2022 the client now has 901 organic keywords with 60 on page 1. We’ve included a graph below to share some insights into the overall performance of this business.

melbourne home builder seo

Our SEO Research

To start with we could see there was no evident ‘manual action’ applied by Google as the organic traffic and organic keywords had remained stable throughout the search engine’s algorithm updates over the years.

From here we looked at all the industry competitors to determine areas for opportunity. It was through our competitor research we found quite a large gap in competitive keywords and missed opportunities with the current content structure. It was with this research Comet Digital put together a comprehensive roadmap on executing a strategy for this home builder could rank for more viable lead generating keywords.

Initial SEO Audit

We conducted a full analysis of the current website structure and technical SEO. Upon completion we started by cleaning up all the technical SEO

  • Adding missing alt tags on images
  • Adding meta titles and descriptions where they were missing
  • Increase page load time and website speed for better user experience
  • Updating broken links
  • Linking orphaned pages
  • Re-sizing images

The above are just a handful of some of the technical SEO completes, but we knew this was an important first step in cleaning up the website’s foundation so we could start focusing on our organic seo strategy.

Our First 6 Months SEO

During the first 6 months, we have managed to get an additional 47 organic keywords on page 1 of Google. How did we do this? Whilst we won’t go into the specifics below are the top two opportunities we worked through.

  • On page SEO: This included writing new content, optimising existing pages, updating heading, images, and meta descriptions to clearly identify what the page was about, and encourage better search engine rankings. In addition, we added more blog posts to target focus keywords through How to Guides, Product Support Information, Inspirational Tips, and more.
  • Off page SEO: Our team reached out to suppliers and other industry related websites to complete some guest posts relating to the niche website and the focus keywords. This provides better weight and industry authority to our clients website.

600% Increase in Enquiries

These are just a couple of examples of what part of our strategy incorporated, but it’s proven successful with our client now seeing a 600% increase in enquires just from our teams SEO efforts over the past 6 months. We kept our client updated throughout each month and included monthly reporting to provide transparency on progress.

We will continue working with our client until we reach the peak of enquiries that they can manage, but we certainly look forward to seeing more growth over the course of the next 6 months.

It isn’t always as straight forward

Whilst it was evident there were some huge areas of opportunity despite this client’s industry being in the mid-range of competitiveness, it can take longer. In instances where you have a business has many competitors, the greater the competitiveness of the focus keywords. As such, in some industries it can take longer to rank, but it’s well worth the benefits when those phones start ringing!

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