What is Google My business? Simply put, it’s a business listing in the Google Maps section (just below the paid advertising you see when making a search enquiry on Google). Comet Digital have helped businesses maintain a healthy flow of leads by optimising their Google My Business listing through local SEO. We encourage every local business to have a listing and to continue maintaining it with up to date and accurate business information.

There are two reasons why having a listing in the maps section is an important aspect to your local SEO startegy. Firstly, it is the ultimate first impression of your business for potential customes that search your business name. Secondly, when optimised and ranking for specific keywords it has the potential to generate enquiries.

In addition to setting up your Google My Business listing you will need to continually optimise your local SEO so it ranks in amongst your competitors. Backlinks and citations will help woth this aspect.

Below we are going to outline the most important aspects to your Google My Business map listing and what you can do with little to no experience.

What information should be included?

Keep within the guidelines and include as much information as possible to give your business the best opportunity. If you don’t have a fixed address, don’t let this deter you. You can still set up a business listing with just a service area, for example ‘Gold Coast’, rather than a full street address. Ensure every possible field is updated. Below is list of just a few of the most important fields and what to include.

  • Business Name
  • Address (if you have a physical address)
  • Service areas – be sure to include all the service areas your business can service
  • Operating hours
  • Special Hours – be sure to update this regularly especially if your business is going to be closed on days you would normally operate. For example, if you are closing your business over Christmas, be sure to update this accordingly.
  • Phone number
  • Website – This is a must on any listing as it enables customers to engage with your brand.
  • Services – include all of the services you offer
  • Description – you have up to 750 characters to write a detailed business description. You every bit of this section to describe your business, services, and product categories.
  • Add photos: This includes your business logo, a cover photo, photos of your work, videos, and anything else you’d like to showcase.

Tips on Improving Your Local SEO

There are many ways to improvinw your brand reputation and presence to drive growth. The first is updating your Google Maps listing according to the above. Second is to include local citations through the generation of business listings through online directories such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, and more. This can take a lot of time to do and feel a bit tedious. However, you’ll be there before you know it by spending just a few minutes each day by adding one or two business listings. Doing this will help gain trust against your Google My Business listing, and therefore, improving SEO. Ensure that NAP (Name, address, phone) on each listing 100% matches that of your Google My Business map listing.

Whilst just a few tips to kick start your business listing on maps, engaging a local seo company will ensure the best results. Here at Comet Digital, we offer a free assessment of your business’s local SEO. You can be sure our team will implement a strategy to get you the best results as quickly as possible.  

Google is the number 1 search engine in the world. It is for this very reason that every business should engage a local SEO agency to increase Google search rankings

Get Reviews

As any of your previous or current customers to provide you with a review of their experience. Reviews are great as they provide your future customers with an insight into your business dealing and customer relationships, along with the quality of your service or products offerings. Reviews are the ultimate opportunity to build a great brand reputaion.

Responding to Positive Google Reviews

Always respond to google reviews by acknowledging your customers feedback and making specific callouts relevant to the customer experience. Be genuine and tailor each response specific to the customer if you have a long-term relationship with them. Your tone, and response is just as important as it shows potential customers what your business is like to deal with. More pointedly, your response represents your brand!

Responding to Negative Reviews

Have you got negative business reviews? Whilst many businesses owners cringe at the thought of a negative review, don’t panic. It’s the way you handle it that’s most important here. First try and resolve the feedback with your customer in an effort to turn them around. You may just be able to improve the service or clarify misconceptions which many encourage your customer to alter their feedback accordingly.

If you are unable to do this, do respond to your customers review. In fact, 45% of consumers are more likely to visit businesses that respond to negative reviews. When you respond always put yourself in the customers shoes. Remove any emotion that may come through in your response. Whilst your response will vary dependant on the feedback provided, always thank your customer for sharing the feedback. In your response be genuine, apologising for any shortfalls in the customer experience. Offer for the customer to reach out so you can address and mend shortfalls. If appropriate reassure your customer that their feedback has been taken on board and corrective measures taken.

Engage A Local SEO Service

For support with your local SEO strategy contact Comet Digital. We experts in local SEO services in Gold Coast and Australia. We pride ourselves in providing transparent reporting on the success of our strategy and your business growth, with our customers always at the forefront of everything we do. Get in touch for an obligation free consultation today. We’d love to hear form you!